The Message: Eutychus Shared by: Rev. Bev Colombo

Song of Prayer: Shared by The Band

Scripture Lesson:

Acts 20:7-11

7 On Saturday evening we gathered together for the fellowship meal. Paul spoke to the people and kept on speaking until midnight, since he was going to leave the next day.

8 Many lamps were burning in the upstairs room where we were meeting.

9 A young man named Eutychus was sitting in the window, and as Paul kept on talking, Eutychus got sleepier and sleepier, until he finally went sound asleep and fell from the third story to the ground. When they picked him up, he was dead.

10 But Paul went down and threw himself on him and hugged him. “Don’t worry,” he said, “he is still alive!”

11 Then he went back upstairs, broke bread, and ate. After talking with them for a long time, even until sunrise, Paul left.



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