Come Follow Me……To Relationship!

Come Follow Me……To Relationship!

The Message: Come Follow Me……To Relationship!

Shared by: Rev. Bev Colombo

Song of Praise:They’ll Know We Are Christians by Our Love

Shared by : Choir, Sarah Hann, djembe & Chuck Gullakson, flute

Scripture Lesson: John 1:35-41

John 1:35-41  

35The next day, John was standing with two of his followers.

36 Jesus walked by. When John saw him, he said, `Look, see God’s Lamb!’

37 The two followers heard what John said, so they went after Jesus.

38 Jesus turned. He saw them coming after him. He said to them, `What are you looking for?’ They said, `Teacher, where do you live?’

39 Jesus said, `Come and see.’ They went and saw the place where Jesus was staying. The time was about four o’clock in the afternoon. They stayed with Jesus the rest of the day.

40 Andrew was one of those two followers of John who heard John speak and went after Jesus. He was Simon Peter’s brother.

41 The first thing Andrew did then was to find his brother Simon. He said, `We have found the Messiah!’ (Messiah means the Christ, the messenger of God.)


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